Friday, May 27, 2011

A Picture Gallery Worth a Million Right Wing Scary Lies

OMG, screamed 1 US Supreme Court Justice dissent in a case on cruel and unusual punishment in CA, people might get out of jails rather than held in inhuman, dangerous, and noxious to any notion of civil society that most understand; even Justice Anthony Kennedy agrees with me.

So you can believe right wing blather and ignore what your lying eyes see.

Or you can go and look at the whole gallery at Mother Jones.

Looks a mite bit crowded..

Photo of booths used to hold prisoners with mental illnesses while they waited for beds in psychiatric units, waited up to 24 hours standing in their own urine and waste 'cause cages have no toilets.

How many people in first photo has the state of California imprisoned for non-violent offenses, how many for marijuana possession?

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