Friday, May 27, 2011

Guinness Tastes Better in Ireland

Well duh.

[. All Guinness sold in Ireland is made in Ireland, so the travel miles are minimal in comparison. Meaning an Irish pint of Guinness is probably the freshest on offer.

2. Guinness is a popular is almost every watering hole in Ireland, which means there the draw on the lines is regular, which in turn drastically, increases the quality of the stout.

3. In Ireland the Guinness is usually only sold in a proper branded glass, which is the perfect shape and volume for a pint. You wouldn’t expect to be served a glass of Chardonnay in a tumbler while in Napa Valley. Same thing applies for Guinness in Ireland.

4. A publican outside of Ireland is more unlikely to have the correct combination of gases. Guinness has a carbonated level less than half of a normal beer and the perfect pint involves a precise blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

5. Working in an bar anywhere in Ireland, one of the first things you learn to do is pull a pint of Guinness. Tilting the glass as you pour, allowing enough time for it to settle before topping it off with the perfect head, is a skill acquired by few but mastered by the Irish.

6. Like most beers ales, Guinness must be served at the correct temperature. The beverage will fail to release its full flavor if it is too cold.

7. Guinness representatives are on call in Ireland if there are any issues and also make regular visits to ensure that the lines are clean.

8. Nothing compares to the feeling of authenticity when drinking a pint of Guinness in the country where it originated.

9. Scientists have proven that nothing compares to a pint of Guinness stout in Ireland, after an extensive study.

10. Guinness is to Ireland what lobsters are to Maine, what pizza is to Italy. It is one drink that is served with pride in Ireland.]

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