Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Governor 48.9% Kills Jobs

[In the meantime Governor 48.9% and the Florida legislature add high priced staff who essentially do no work whilee peope on the front lines-counsellors for at risk children, teachers, hardworking secretaries, and bookkeepers--get the boot.

They don't make as much in a state job as they could of in private companies. They took these jobs for health insurance and q pension, knowing full well the cheapskate FL legislature would stiff them on raises for the last 5 ears and well into the future.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Millions of Floridians head back to work Tuesday after a restful three-day Fourth of July weekend.

[But Toni Gugliotta won’t be among them.

She’ll be applying for $275 a week in unemployment benefits instead.

The Pinellas County woman is among 1,300 state employees put out of work by the new budget approved by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott on May 26.

Scott kept his promise to reduce the size of the state government bureaucracy. But he did so at the expense of real people with mortgages, healthcare bills, college tuition payments and credit card payments.

Many of them earned less than $30,000 a year after years of state employment.] emphasis added

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