Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Social Justice Rules!!!!!!!!

See, Pastor Jeff, 'tain't just me.  Other folks read the same Bible I do, including you.  The question then becomes what we as a family at Trinity Lutheran Evangelical Downtown Orlando Church can do to help our brothers and sisters.

We corporately, which does not really include physical action by me, do a great deal of truly awesome stuff.

We and I can do more.

For some reason, my heart lies with migrant workers in a-Merry-Ca picking vegetables like tomatoes for our children's Happy Meals., finding Supreme Irony in fact anti-iimmigrant fervor among Teabagging RepubliKKKans keeps illegals from Georgia so crops will rot in the fields, food prices will rise, because humans will not perform this literally back breaking work given any other reasonable choice.

They tried in Georgia sending people on probation for criminal violations to the fields.  It did not work.

Kind of makes you miss slavery or the economic injustice of impoverished people slaving away to provide bounty for rich people.

Suck on that, Americans!

American exceptionalism my ass, more exploitation than national virtue.

And the Bible tells me so.

["The poor will NOT always be with us!"

Thus proclaims a freshly launched Christian campaign to end extreme poverty in this generation. Scott Todd's "58:" project declares that eradicating poverty is not only possible but probable, if the people of the church put their backs into it.

Such audacious optimism is one of the most infectious, exciting qualities of the new evangelicals movement of which Todd is part, and it surged like electricity through his and other presentations at this spring's Q conference, the signature annual gathering of next-generation Christian leaders.

Sure, in some of the quieter, more reflective moments of the three-day event in Portland you could hear acknowledgment of the heavy burden carried by this movement of new-century Jesus followers. These are, after all, the people who accept responsibility to right seemingly every global wrong you can name while restoring the credibility of publicly expressed Christianity in the process. But the workload is exhausting only when they lose connection with their ultimate power source, says Gabe Lyons, the host of Q and an unofficial spokesperson for the movement. These action-takers draw their energy and strength not solely from their fair-trade coffee, entrepreneurial wits, and technological savvy, Lyons says, "but from the cross — from knowing we are living in the way that Jesus demands."]

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