Monday, June 6, 2011

Festival for Florida Progress

First hand report from festival for the future of FL.

My camera battery was low, so only a few photos are viewable. (See above.)
There were about 2 to 3 thousand people there. Being spread out over a very wide area and tucked in under very large pavilions, it was hard for me to get an actual count. I met five casual buddies from another progressive organization that I belong to. They seemed impressed by the turnout.

In one section of one pavillion, separate tables were set-up for about 25 different organizations. That was pretty impressive. To be able to pick and choose which ones seem most important to you specifically seems reasonable, and expectations seem focused. A few groups seemed dinky and a few of the biggies seemed to have people who were putting in their time in boredom. Interesting mix!

A dozen "sessions" were offered in smaller break-out groups to teach or train people in certain organizing skills. They read better than what they offered. But, there were probably lots of people who felt that they had to begin somewhere...

I'm glad I went simply because noses were counted and I had to see what's what in Orlando/Central Florida regarding organized resistance to right-wing slave-thinking Republican...dominion.]

WFTV, Orlando, FL, reporting.

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