Monday, June 6, 2011

RepubliKKKans vs. Jesus

Lord, how can these--wait, self edit, try to dream and think and write positively--RepubliKKKan people cut programs that then lead to people, children, elderly, unfortunate brothers and sisters, dying from government budget cuts?

"Thank you for self editing, Daniel," He replied dryly.

Have tried to change my thinking and not judge, You know, Your whole judge not thing..

"I remember.  Of course, you yourself always channel your inner Gandhi."

Sarcasm, Lord. from You?

"C'mon, you remember reading Satyagraha in South Africa where Gandhi wrote to always consider any person on the opposite side of an issue as acting in what they perceive as the good of humanity."

Sure, but...

"Before you judge them, ask yourself if have ever acted in your pure selfishness, stupidity, chosen ignorance, or even baser motives?"

But I believe them, at the very best, self deluded fools if not outright hypocrites.

"You've never acted or spoken hypocritically?"  He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Sure, but...

"No buts about it, son; if you judge others then I must judge you."

OK, can I still call Rick Scott governor 48.9%?

"Well, the official tally worked out to that.  Just use your sarcasm judiciously."

But that amounts to perhaps the greatest gift Y'all have given me.

"Maybe you have more gifts to discover within yourself, Dan."

"Really, just keep on with patience and peace and truth and reason for they remain all we progressives will ever have."

We?  Thank You,  Lord.

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