Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Governor 48.9% Kills Jobs

Mathematically under the Barnum principle, a portion of those who voted for Governor 48.9% believed Rick Scott when he told them he would not cut jobs or take $ from education.


From laid off teachers to prison guards to Department of Children and Families workers to closing the whole Longwood Elementary School, the budget passed by by FL RepubliKKKans and signed by Governor Burns will cost people's jobs.

A society must have tax breaks for the rich, you know.  The 8 BILLION Dollars in taxes cut by JEB! during his occupancy of the office of governor of Florida.

[Gov. Rick Scott calls it his "jobs" budget.

But in reality, the $69 billion state spending plan, which takes effect in July, could force thousands of Floridians into the ranks of the unemployed.

Some 4,500 positions in state government will be eliminated; roughly half of those jobs are open, but half have people in them.

There will be significant layoffs for workers in state mental health hospitals, juvenile justice facilities and prisons. And in many cases those jobs losses could carry a heavier impact in small rural communities such as Chattahoochee or DeSoto County, where the state is a major employer.

With an 8 percent cut in education funding, the new budget will result in the loss of thousands of jobs in schools around the state. For instance, Broward County has announced that 1,400 teachers will be laid off in the coming year...

Among the state workers who will be looking for new jobs in the next few months is Barbara Galloway. She currently earns a little more than $29,000 a year as a social services counselor at a Department of Juvenile Justice correctional facility that houses nearly 300 youths in DeSoto County.

Galloway said the workers have been told that the two units comprising the facility will be closed by the end of August, with hers closing by the end of July.

She said the facility employs about 450 workers and is the county's third-largest employer...] emphasis added

Putting FL back to work one layoff at a time.

Like father like son?

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