Friday, June 10, 2011

Princess James: "Reality is a fuzzy place for a child prodigy raised, empowered and enabled by the sneaker industry."

Understand I mock because in some sense I love.

Could you expect anything else from a Cubs fan?

Nevertheless seeing Queen James and De Powderpuff Wade yap at referees all game and seeing Dwight Howard called with technicals for merely rolling his eyes at abominable calls, I must mock Der Sternfuhrer for his transparent wet dream of Howard playing in L. A. or N. Y.

[Just Thursday morning at the Heat’s shootaround, someone asked James how he had been spending his time since a costly and dreadful eight-point debacle in Game 4. Why, he had been reading everyone’s columns on the Internet. This inspired a good laugh, but he probably wasn’t joking. From his mid-teens, he’s always seen himself from the outside looking in, as a spectacle within a spectacle. Reality is a fuzzy place for a child prodigy raised, empowered and enabled by the sneaker industry.

As a product of that environment, the need for James to validate his brand with unforgettable performances, with clutch play in championship games, is monumental. And perhaps paralyzing. He had a good game on Thursday night, but it doesn’t matter that James plays with Dwyane Wade(notes) and Bosh. Good isn’t good enough for him. No one’s even sure great covers it for him.

By design, James and his crackerjack marketers wanted the feeding frenzies, wanted the residual of “The Decision” to be the dawning of a generational, global sports icon.] emphasis added;_ylt=AqAS61DRa0IaIJUeqvQYP6K8vLYF?slug=aw-wojnarowski_lebron_james_nba_finals_game5_061011

PS: Let it become known I hereafter resolve to refer to LeBron James as Princess James for Queen some may deem as anti gay slur but princess to me means pure mockery, an evocation of the Disney Princess making/marketing machine.

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