Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mahavishnu Orchestra: "Hope" and "Celestial Terrestrial Commuter"

Sorry to mock, Mr. Camping, for ever' human drew adult breath wanted and wants to live forever or until we go to whatever celestial home we wish or gots raised up to believe.

Please any bored or lost on the intertubes person that reads this forgive me my belief and unbelief in my own personal Jesus, not perhaps the Jay-Jay-Jay-Jesus of TV preacher fame but the One who told the parable of the sheep and goats right before the Last Supper and passion and resurrection in the Gospels and daily asks me to examine my thoughts, words, actions, and even grammar and spelling

Gots vinyl in my closet from Mahavishnu Orchestra with something about thin thread between nothing and eternity which amounts to all individual conscience can ever pray to grok.

For me, just trying to make the world better for my nieces and nephews and their progeny--and, girls, do please wait for boys and men lie, and your knight in shining armor remains just a man.

Every day a blessing; every breath a prayer.

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