Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wheezer: "We Are All On Drugs"

To paraphrase from memory the Godz: "Everybody is some kind of junkie, love junkie, $ junkie, Old Testament junkies wanting to send others to Hell but never examining their own hearts.

Heck, have beome a breath junkie giving praise if I wake up breathing.  True, have to bribe myself with  just to get out of bed or up off the canvas espresso and condensed milk, yogurt, and raisin bran and beers to drink in the eve cooling in the 'frige'.  But at least stopped trying to pour cheap vodka into the hole in my soul and want to live.

That struck me in the Dock Ellis story of a therapist thinking him suicidal because of everything he ingested over the years.

Like Chevy Chase said, "Sometimes you have to do a lot of drugs before you realize reality a pretty neat buzz.

Besides, give me one honest sinner and drug abuser rather than a self righteous con man condemning others and scamming his friends.  At least dope fiends and drunks have more remorse than RepubliKKKans.

Every day a blessing; every breath a prayer.

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