Sunday, June 12, 2011

U2: "Bad"

Go figure, now that my challenge to myself includes interacting with humans outside my nuclear family, humans really make me mad.

Just tonight during the Heatles losing the NBA championship, my friend born in SC whose words I sort of model in my my dialog with my Jesus and he, Donnie, calls me Dan'el agreed with me on ever' step he needed to take to get unemployment compensation in FL after a job he did well for over six years but demurred because he can not specify his starting date and agreed several times he could do it on his own nevertheless demurred and said his wife who separated from for at least a year ago ought to do it for him.

Brother Donnie, I gots peop' in my own fam' damily to work with to talk with me again rather than trying to talk sense to you when you want your "partner" to wipe your ass rather than to live your life on your own.


Except for human frailty, individual humans really make me mad.

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