Monday, November 29, 2010

"What will it take for join us in fighting back?"

[Because let's face it, even if things are looking up just a little for some of us, and looking better than ever for Big Business, there are still millions of Davids, millions of thankless human question marks scattered across every corner of the American landscape this Thanksgiving.
Given such a situation, the real question mark for all working, out of work and middle class people who failed to vote in 2010 or who voted for Republican Party candidates, is this:
What will it take for you to put aside issues of race, religion, abortion, homosexuality, citizenship status, for you to overcome feelings of frustration, anger, apathy or hopelessness, for you to join the rest of us who are victims, just like you, of a Corporate-Republican war to impoverish, discard, divide and conquer us, for you to join us, in fighting back?
Found link at Beach Peanuts..

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