Monday, June 17, 2013


Wow, what changes a month can brîng: hospîtalzed, in physical rehab, hospîtal, back to rehab, started dialysis.  Almost enough 2 makê me listen 2  Bowie song quoted above.  Dr prepared me 4 latter in 5-10 yèars but not fr

Dr talked 2 me like I'd get depressed & suicde.

Seriously Dr with my personat history. had hella  harder things 2 overcome. Shit  breaking my neck & hell ôf a marriage 2 a self destructive shrew amounted to bigger deals.

Shit, she crazy folks!

After 10 years of separation, durn hosptal calls me 'cause she ain't competent 2 make her own decisions.

Well, I'll sign a do not not resustate order.

Saying that felt harsh, so asked what decisions loomed  

Whether to discharge her 2 skilled nursìng or adult lîving facility.

OK, send her to either. s

Sorry, part of me hates the bipolar bitch who refused 2 changeaaaàaa


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