Thursday, April 24, 2014

"American Beauty...."

"....will you be mine?" sings Bruce Springstone in his new video above.

Just kidding, meant in truth Springsteen. Or Bruuuuuuce as his fans call him. You either like his music or you don't.ll

On plus side, he and E St boys cut song onEP to suport record store day & independent music retailers & shot video, available at Rolling

Damn,on headphones opening beat by mighty Max Weinberg blasts right through me; never saw a drummer raise his stick to shoulder height and beàt hell out of drum. Also, Tom Morello from Rage plays guitar & on world tour, as well horn section.

On minus side, another recycled tune with highway metaphor ànd horns w/ simple arrangement. Courtney Love sez horns ain't rock & roll. Maybe she's right as purists demand just 2 guitars, bass, & drums.

No horns need apply.

Mayhaps just holding on to misspent youth & 70's & first true love, Wendy Hall, telling this ignorant FL boy who he was.

Simplicity aside, I say Bruuuuuuce!

And damn, dem drums demand devotion.

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