Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Most Recent Books Received

Ran across the name Charles Bukowski, most recently by characters within the movie Beautiful Creatures (2013).  Even though angst ridden teenagers, these had more depth of characters than that schlock series with teams Jacob and Edward

Also knew his name as author whose works formed the basis of the movie: Barfly, a movie set in LA dive bars recognized as same as ones I'd frequented in Orlando.  Most had air handlers to remove cigarette smoke but still had enough smoke to kill a rabid wolverine and most human beings.

All of the bars had at least one mean and cynical bartender who had worked there at least 20 years, and woe unto you made them mad for then you'd die of thirst or at least fail to reach desired intoxication level.                                                                                

For even though found movie marred by Mickey Rourke's overacting--at one point, he actually sounded exactly like a cartoon character, "C'mon put up your dukes.  Put up your dukes and I'll whup ya.."--it helped me see the downsides of alcoholism, the utter squalor, Rourke's characters; rejection of an offer to give him a place in the suburbs to follow his muse to write.

Even so, some of the characteristics of Henry Chinaski, Bukowski's alter ego, made me analyze myself;; to realize I drank to self medicate, to cover failure to relate, to isolate, to consummate--all to keep a barrier between myself and others for fear of rejection.

So when I saw on Abebooks that Bukowski had a book with the title Love Is a Dog from Hell, it had to become part of my holdings.  Alas, it turned out a book of poety,, modern poetry at that, not a rhyme in sight but some wonderful views of the bones of humanity and sinews which can also snap, sometimes sans signs.

Love is a Dog from Hell and other books
Here you can also see the Bukowski reader and a larger book somewhat concealed from view: a Beatles song book, like from '66 to '71.

This seems odd since much prefer actual rock and roll bands such as the Kinks, the Who, and the early Rolling Stones, before they needed Viagra and defibrilators.  More later

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