Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hunger Strike in Pelican Bay Prison

Allowing prisoners to have wall calenders and wool caps in winter helped end these protests.


What danger could come from disallowing wall calenders?

Doing so only servs to dehumanize and oppress human beings.

Hunger strikes show there exists a limit to which human beings will not submit. Although different for limitsdifferent people, oppression breeds protest.

The power of collective action will overwhelm authoritarian oppression.

Attica, Attica, Attica!!!

[Last month, inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison launched a hunger strike to draw attention to their complaints of being unfairly held in extreme isolation at the Crescent City lockup.

Within three weeks, the prison hunger strike had become one of the largest in years, spreading throughout the state corrections system to involve thousands of inmates and sparking a legislative hearing scheduled for next week.

"We had up to 6,000 (prisoners taking part), including about 300 in Mississippi in our out-of-state facility half the country away, participating in this," said corrections spokesman Oscar Hidalgo.

When officials tried to tamp down the protest by moving 17 hunger strike leaders to the state prison in Corcoran, the inmate action spread.

"As soon as they got down to Corcoran, an additional 300 inmates at that institution went on the hunger strike," Hidalgo said.]
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