Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pope: Plans Dramatic Change: Firing Pedophiles First

Just kidding.  His Holiness actually plans to restructure Irish Catholic Church.

[Pope Benedict is said to be planning some "dramatic" changes for the Irish Church, according to the influential Irish Catholic newspaper columnist David Quinn and leading Irish theologian Father Vincent Twomey.

Changes could include significantly reducing the number of dioceses and replacing most of the current bishops, reports the Irish Examiner.

Founder of the Catholic Iona Institute David Quinn reported in the Irish Catholic that "rumours" are circulating in Rome that the Vatican is planning a "radical restructuring" of the hierarchy in response to the sex-abuse scandal.]

[A new report on the Donegal diocese of Raphoe will reveal that 20 pedophile priests sexually abused hundreds of children over a 40 years period. This report will detail another massive cover-up scandal within the Irish Catholic Church.]

[Having abused young boys for over 30 years Father Eugene Greene had become so cocky that he lodged a complaint with the police when one of his victims attempted to blackmail him.

On December 20, 1997, Greene went to the police to make a complaint about the blackmail. After two years of investigations by local detectives Greene faced 115 charges relating to the buggery, gross indecency and indecent assault of 26 boys.]

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