Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sports of Sorts

No one knows why God in her infinite wisdom made sports and handed them down to humankind and yet theories abound.

First, sports helps people to get in and stay in shape.  Like Rule # 1 from Zombieland, cardio.  Good cardio health helps people outrun those zombie bastards and help us live longer even in normal times.  Of course, don't go overboard with it; exercise can kill you.

Next after solo sport like jogging or skiing, we have team sports.  These allow us to escape our mundane lives and identify with a concept greater than ourselves, often a college or university or perhaps pro sports

Of course, people often take things too far like Raiders fans.

'Nuff said.

Or we scream and yell in our living rooms as if that will influence outcomes of games 1000 miles away.  It also seems silly for us to wear all our game gear, putting in the aggregate millions of dollars into the maw of greedy schools supposedly concerned with student athletes and horrible graduation rates and billionaire owners of pro teams.

Nevertheless, in my time of stress--dialysis, paralysis, physiatrists and physical rehab--it helps me to root for my home team, the Florida Gators.  Sheesh, good thing life taught me to deal with soul crushing defeat before this season.

At least I have my Miami Dolphins.

What, a bullying scandal and team turmoil?  Can't a brother catch a break?

Well, at least I have my Chicago Cubs to root for for eternity.

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