Thursday, March 5, 2015

The World Found My Town

Growing up in the 1970's in the paradise of Indian Harbour Beach, FL offered many advantages, not the least of which lies in geography; my town--affectionately known as IHB--made up one of a number of small towns on a barrier island stretching from Cape Kennedy in the north to Sebastian Inlet to the south.

In practical terms, my world felt bounded by Patrick Air Force Base to the north and Indiatlantic in the south as several cozy bars lay between those limits, with 3 causeways with bridges connecting mainland to the beaches, with by my count 5 separate police forces.  If these police see a car with more than 1 minority they figure it gang activity and pull over the car.

For geography and other reasons, this area remained relatively untouched by serious crime, murders especially, perhaps only 3 in maybe 4 decades.  Pot smoking generally keeps people pretty peaceful.  Sure, we probably have our share of minor bar fights, but certainly not assault with intent to commit premeditated murder, even if it were over stolen marijuana.

So it came as quite a shock to read about an attack with a crowbar that left a teen with skull fractures on both sides of his head.  On the same day online, the Today paper carried a story about a woman found dead at a construction site.  I have yet to read whether that pronounced a homicide, but all signs point to yes.

The homicide capped off a tough few days for the beach side city. Investigators arrested three teens for a brutal crowbar attack on another teen earlier that week allegedly over drugs.

PS: To wannabe felons or killers, don't talk about your planned crimr


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