Friday, April 24, 2015

Stupid Crook News, ad infinitum Man trades trailer of lunch meat for crack cocaine

Well, had needed a little humour in my life and then this story fell in my lap; a delivery driver with a truck full of lunch meat apparently traded the trailer for crack cocaine.  He claimed it happened "inadvertently."

If you believe that last word above then you ought to buy a bridge from me; I'm offering it real cheap.
Then you also might believe the crack rocks accidentally fell in the driver's crack pipe and that he did inhale, accidentally.

You gullible fool.

Then you probably think it justice this idiot got probation while other people of colour languish in prison for drug possession.

We as American accept that our prisons and jails get stuffed to the gunnels with non-violent drug offenders while rapists go free because our crack Crime Scene Investigation units have failed to test genetic material in so called rape kits; some 400,000 remain to test in the United States.


So, as a nation, we don't care about violent assaults on some one's sister, daughter or mother, devalued because we don't provide the resources needed to test semen left behind.  And this asshole gets probation as he probably should so law enforcement can use their scarce resources to protect the ladies in our lives, damn it all to hell.

[( Larry)Bowen had been hired to deliver more than $50,000 worth of lunch meat in Alabama and Florida. When the meat was not delivered, officers found Bowen and the truck at a Memphis service station. The trailer was in a nearby storage facility with about a third of the lunch meat missing.

Bowen told police he stopped at the service station three days earlier and "inadvertently" traded the rig to two men who offered him crack cocaine.
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