Saturday, August 6, 2011

4 Noble Truths

Kind of cool with Buddha and his 4 truths, 'ceptin' for #2, eschew attachments even to humans like with love, not even Agape love.

What good or fun or special righteousness does that confer?

As for the eight fold path, sure it only makes 1/3 of twelve steps but at best could ojnly do a couple, not maybe as 2 but a few like a "couple beers" in moderation, maybe one, mayhaps 3 or 4 0r more 'specally (sic) iffen I can't sleep.

Ain't insomnia, just the older I get the tireder I am and less I can sleep.

Oh well, every breath a prayer and moment a blessing.

Love, Lord above, now I try to trick myself with love.

And I want a tophat like Slash's;

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