Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bored By Blogging

Why on earth do I bother writing this?

Not one damn thing on Earth has changed in the few years of blogging; the poor remain poor and rich stay self righteous, believing their material wealth comes from their efforts rather than good fortune and/or providence or worse yet believe divine provenance makes them rich.

Instead of the lone voice crying in the wilderness, my role has become the last cynic in suburbia, praying and hoping humans can change but knowing we won't.

Good people don't do what they know as right and indifferent folks do what they ought to know as wrong but they do what they want and deem it for the greater good, believing themselves as good and failing to see themselves as the modern pharisees.

Still others like RepubliKKKans conceal their hardheartedness beneath their righteous robes and wear their psychopathology proudly

So if it were ever thus, why would I despair?

Why despair over President Hopey McChangey yielding to the crass and cynical plutocrats who do more for the rich than they wold ever do for the poor, the disadvantaged, displaced, and aliens in our land?

Hey, don't blame me; I voted for Hillary.

So maybe this boring blog has done at least one simple thing, serving as therapy for me.

So I shall not despair for what is a cynic but a recovering believer in the innocence of children, the possibility of love, the The Audacity of Hope , the naive attempt to try to make my little corner of the world--my empire of dirt--a bit better place, of maybe the first kiss from someone who could love me back, just a little.

So to existential angst shall I turn and not despair.

Even Epicureans like my philosopher friend perhaps have hope of making the world a better place but alas, she surely does not read this blog, this cry for help and hope and understanding, this desperate attempt to become moe than Der Steppenwolf, the lone wolf of the Steppes.

If only I could find that email address although could have sworn to have remembered it aright.

So I will not despair; I will try to make my Paradise even if alone.

Where did I put MY blog knife?

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