Sunday, August 7, 2011

G' "N" R': "Don't Cry"

some of the imagery used to seem disturbing and perhaps of death.

"But that video remains so last century, Uncle Danny."

Prcissely, child, before Martine ,before my marriage, before your grandma passed, everything that taught me I have one life to live but many times to die, to die a little bit as each relation dies, after the first left for the last time andd before realizing Deborah could never stay for too long, before I raised my voice to her,each with a piece of my heart in their pockets..  Yet, it all taught me to have a big heart, to keeping on, living and loving, and learning like my ex brother in law usedd to say as preparing for my ext marriage.

"Um, you'll have to actually divorce before marrying again."

True, but they only charge $50 for the license andd $350 to file for divorce.


But the larger point remains.


Like when your grandma passed and it asked you if it hurt more when she passed.  You said yes but you also had the blessing of having known her, to take a piece of her wit you.

Like for me when a wee lad still in WI...

"Great another story of ow ouw had to walk ten miles trough the snow to get to school."

We'll save that for anoter day, but went 15 miles barefoot through the blizzard  But once in Sunday school, the teacher tolde me to sit down and not sing in church for a class song as she felt my voice too low.  Moms marched right up to her and gave wwhat for, defending me.

For 47 years wavered between baritone and tenor but maybe now life has taught me to embrace my inner baritone.

---Warning, danger, 16 year old niece crashing and burning, rolling eyes-  Regroup--

OK, like when in jr hi and barber kept the $10 mom gave even though I stood for a it waiting for change after his tip.  Slunk back to the car but Moms made me walk back in and get the change but with reasonable tip.

"So look at life like learning and stand up for myself?"

Snap, girl you got it, kew you would after finding the Ramones on your own.


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