Saturday, October 25, 2014

Neil Young, Still Rocking to Free the World

Wait, this is new Neil! Godamnit, doesn't anyone do protest songs anymore? Shit, we poison the earth with the last gasp of a petrochemical economy, let the rich soulless bastards rape us, stay stupid and ignorant, and worry only if we can find a good sushi bar, and it takes a goddamn Canadian to sound a call to arms: brothers and sisters linking arms and standing for change and non-violent revolution.

Cornfickers of the world unite!

(Damn youse, Colbert, making me work to find the song 'cause your embed code sucks!  Dan Hill, valiantly looking up shit so both of you don't have to.)

Damn, dig Crazy Horse!  Tour FLOIDA, Neil!

Damn, Farm Aid played Raleigh, NC!  I coulda Greyhounded there.

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