Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stephen Stills & Manassas - Isn't About Time - Down the Road (May 1973)

Modernity pisses me off.

We all shared music in the 70's, but we did so with cassette tapes which wore out; we had an understanding our trading partners would go out and buy all the music they could afford.

Now, the record business finds itself collapsing while artists now get ripped off by fans instead of signing rapacious and borderline theft contracts.  Some people didn't get sodomised by lawyers but had their work outright stolen.  In last few years, a black singer got 3/4 of a million dollars in back royalties.

"Wait, blog boy, put down the bubbler and go to the googler for the answer!"

Martha Wash, backup singer who struck a legal blow for justice: [No less importantly, Wash became an accidental linchpin for artists' rights. After the singer brought various lawsuits against producers and record labels for proper credit and compensation, federal legislation was created making vocal credit mandatory for all albums and music videos.]

Crap, y'all already killed MTV, which doesn't play videos anymore because people--including my
self--doesn't play music videos anymore because we have become accustomed to stealing music,

So buy as much music as you can afford, preferably straight from the web sites of bands.  You can listen to this whole album on Youtubes, but then buy it if you dig it,

Screw record companies, not musicians!

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