Friday, October 31, 2014

Pam Bondi, in a Bikini, Soliciting Money ("Her moral compass is broken")

Great Jumping Jehoshaphat's Ghost, a hooker soliciting $25 for "favors" gets thrown in jail while states attorney generals can solicit tens of thousands of dollars with impunity from companies with matters before her department.

Pin up model, part time political prostitute, and Florida Attorney General even toyed with human lives by delaying an execution because it conflicted with her campaign kickoff fundraiser.

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She's also had illegal contacts with lobbyists not registered to lobby in FL.
[Andy Abboud, a lobbyist for Las Vegas Sands, which donated $500,000 through its chief executive to the Republican group this year, has been urging attorneys general to join an effort to ban online poker. At breakfast, he approached Attorney General Pam Bondi of Florida.

“What are you going to be doing today?” he asked.

“Sailing,” Ms. Bondi replied.

“Great,, I want to go sailing, too” Mr. Abboud said, and they agreed to connect later that day.] emphasis  added to highlight absurdity.

If you don't remember the LIBOR scandal, the acronym stands for the London Interbank Offered Rate and marked as rate trillions of dollars in investments got pegged to.  Major banks rigged the rate which directly took billions of dollars in illicit gains, in many cases from municipal bond offerings such as in Orange county, Florida and thus from taxpayers like me. money that could have gone to building new schools or fixing aging water and sewage pipes.


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