Monday, November 3, 2014

Johnny Cash, not just "Hurt" but honest

Found by accident excerpt from a biography of Johnny Cash, including what led him to record cover version of song "Hurt" but also the video which so affected my life because of the raw emotion conveyed and the pain, pathos and ultimate triumph portrrayed because a man who faces his demons truly becomes "winning."

[But California was to again play a major part in his life. Cash was headlining the now-defunct Rhythm Café in Santa Ana on Feb. 27, 1993 — the day after his 61st birthday — when he was approached by Rick Rubin, a hugely successful rock and rap producer who felt Cash was still capable of great work. Three months later, they sat down in Rubin's home above the Sunset Strip and began work on a series of albums that would contain some of the most remarkable music of Cash's career. He would return to Los Angeles several times over the next decade to work with Rubin. The albums not only reestablished Cash's musical legacy, but extended it.

Their collaboration was highlighted in 2002 by the music video of "Hurt," directed by Mark Romanek, that offered a glimpse of the artist in such fragile condition that even June advised him not to release it. But Cash approved the release of the video, a final act of immense artistic courage.]

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