Thursday, November 20, 2014

Slackers: Most visitors do 1 Disney park per day. Do Them All!

Slackers!  Put those gym shoes on and start running and do every ride, every park in Orlando, like these 2 young men: Shane Lindsey and Tom Tamburo.

[They started at Toy Story Mania and ended with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. In between, Shane Lindsay and Ted Tamburo conquered 44 other rides at Walt Disney World in a single day.

Saturday was their second attempt at this challenge. Last year, they were foiled by inclement weather that closed two attractions late in the day. This year, the Toy Story ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios didn't open on time.

"We ended up an hour behind schedule from the very first ride," Lindsay said....

They had to tweak the plan to make up the lost time "two minutes at a time," Tamburo said.

"It's a lot like running a marathon while trying to do a Sudoku puzzle … and then every now and then the numbers just get jumbled up on you," Lindsay said.]  (emphasis added 'cause these guys crazy.)

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