Friday, November 14, 2014


Having gone through series of seismic shifts in last last several seasons--not quite up to Job's level but substantial nonetheless: dialysis, paralysis (once more), UTI. SCI, pneumonia, Pseudomonas, sepsis, chest pains, no breath, near death, obstacles both severe and stupid, acid refracking reflux, crises of soul and spirit, angst, stagnation, over inflation, poverty, laxity, and just plain pissed off at God but love if not fully follow Jesus (Lord, just let me stand to put on pants)--it now seems best to drop back 10 and punt.

While digging my little plot of dirt and "Hurt," my overtly political posturing led local cat at hunger charity to demur from working with me, not even with a stinking simple interview. but like the Jack of Hearts  I just want to do one good deed before I die.

Should that, could that prove so hard?

So seems should perhaps pursue my charity choices on another forum, or at least another blog, one focusing on hunger, social justice, and movement issues, a new start, a change of heart.

Since planning on patterning my path on Paladin--here written by Roddenberry--perhaps will try title of Paladin Fla. because want to focus on Florida, a great state, a diverse state, but will support issues with great import wherever justice demands, and we will let "justice roll on like a river."

Stay tuned.

Nevertheless, remember, You're Never Alone with A Schizophrenic (30th Anniversary Edition)

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