Thursday, November 13, 2014

English (Nine Types)

In addition to the admittedly American Engish as i'm wont to use, an unhappy accident led me to discover more types exist than vulgar.  While checking out the Settings on my tablet, accidentally held it in my hand while gesturing at my TV braying election results at me and inadvertently changed language used to something most certainly not English.

Ofcourse, everyone knows we have English as spoken in Britain, sort of English English if you will.  In addition and to the everlasting mortification of my mother, find myself qute accomplished at speaking in vulgar English.

Found--quite to my surprise--a total of 8 forms of English, including versions from Australia, New Zealand, and Australia.

Jeepers, Ms. Marple, guess an aspiring writer ought to investigate all forms of the language he endeavours to write.

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