Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hello Room!

Back "home."  Hello bed; hello big screen TV and remote.  Hello art posters: Picasso and Dali, both from movie

Screw you, Neil Young and your ridiculously overpriced signed poster, purchase of which won't even give me $100 credit towards purchasing pono player..  Damn youse, Kickstarter!

Colour me gullible, but 1,010 people also pledged $100.  Phrase "all of the above" could get construed as counting towards purchase.

If we 1,010 could have afforded $5,000 for VIP party with Mr. Young, we would have ponied up, or ponoed up if you will.

Essentially, you took $ from those least able to afford it!

Proud of yourself, big man?

Why did your tour skip FL?

We have ridiculously overpriced Gullible Sucker Arena for you to rock in Orlando; that would epitomize irony.

Dan Hill, FL

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