Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Florida, where we love the criminally insane, especially when they build firing ranges in their front yard

Oh Florida, where we can't wait to pave over paradise and the right for every idiot to own a shooting iron Trumps every other right like not getting killed by psychopaths using their Second Amendment rights.

So this absolutely batshit crazy gun nut--Joseph "Compensating for Small Cock" Carannate--after hammering a couple of bottles of cheap booze thought it a fine idea to build small gun target backed up by sand in his front yard, next to houses where other children play.

Obviously, the right of neighboring kids to live pales next to the right of an asshole to avoid driving drunk to a local firing range and instead just to bust off caps on his own property.

So, the ass wipe neighbor built the target to the most exacting standards by getting a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon By God Beer and get some gap toothed Confederate flag flying friends to help him slap it up.  That way he could just step outside and blast off a few rounds, practicing for fighting off the Islamic fascist hordes 'cause real Americans don't take no shit from no hordes.
Also, who wants the hassle of driving to a gun range?  With a home range you can just roll out of bed bleary eyed, pop a beer, and walk outside, and blast away.  And Florida law, handcrafted by the National Rifle Association, makes it all legal.

Yay, smell the gunpowder and freedom!

Beause you know, what could possibly go wrong?


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