Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Robin Williams Elmer Fudd Sings Bruce Springsteen

OMF'ngG!  Funniest thing seen this month so far.

Wait, maybe that can point my way to lessening depressing feelings.  Read 1 time of film producer in hospital w/ gastrointestinal problems of unknown origin.  After significant time in bed--probably w/ blood tests done at 5 am, commotion in the hallways so no one sleeps, and an absolute lack of privacy--and guy finally got fed up, checked himself out, rented every comedy videotape he could find, and he cured himself w/ laughter.

"Does anybody remember laughter?"

Seeing The Donald on TV every single damn night already driving me insane, and I absolutely abhor JEB! so will become an absolute gibbering, drooling, senile old fool before November '16, (even more so than now, Ron).

See so much here at Tube of U: George Carlin on global warming and Robin and Pres. Bush.  Wonder which 1?  Pray to goddess we have no more Bush.

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