Thursday, November 19, 2015

Joe Madden: The Mad Scientist of Baseball

When talking baseball, many rely on statistics--which get more arcane and obscure every season--and only 50% of baseball depends on talent.  The other 75% happens between the ears: a player on a hitting streak sees the baseball like a beach ball coming towards the plate and wallops it while a player in a slump tries too hard, gripping the bat tighter, swinging at pitches outside of the strike zone, pressing too hard and failing rather than finding hits.

This makes many players among the most susperstitious people on the planet.  This also explains the antics or mind games Joe Madden,just named baseball manager of the year, has employed throughout his career: bringing pythons into the club house, bagging on batting practice, and perhaps in the greatest stunt of all time having his team wear pajamas on a flight back to Chicago from Los Angeles,

You just have to admire the sheer lunacy of that idea!

[LOS ANGELES -- Kris Bryant found a Ninja Turtle onesie. Addison Russell has a bright green one. Starlin Castro was wearing a Mario Bros. pajama top and pants that match his son's. Dexter Fowler had a matching navy print top and bottom. A few players found camouflage-colored fleece onesies.

It's all part of Cubs manager Joe Maddon's "onesies" trip home. Players were encouraged to wear onesies or pajamas on the overnight flight from Los Angeles to Chicago Sunday night, and Maddon guessed he had 100 percent participation....]

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