Sunday, November 1, 2015

Time Takes Everything

Time takes eveything from me, everything from me.

Time takes spurious loves, curious loves, true loves, furious loves, loves good and ill
All my lovers took from me, gave to me,some gave less and some gave more,
but none ever the full measure of their hearts, and none got full measure of mine.
Could never break through myself, never speak freely or all in truth, the things never                     learned in my youth.

My youth taught me to hide myself, glide myself by the others in school, to keep myself to myself, to use facile humour to get by, if to hold a female hand to tremble, to try to kiss with never knowing how, to make love in spits and fits, never knowing if a connection made

Time has taken it all but left me all my regrets, my doubts, my shouts, my outs, my pouts, my hurts, my bruises, and even my useless legs.

Time Takes Everything.

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