Friday, December 18, 2015

Cops: Judge and Executioner

[The mother of Amadou Diallo reeled at the news: One of the four cops who killed her unarmed son in a 41-shot fusillade is set for an NYPD promotion — and a raise.

Old wounds reopened quickly Wednesday with word of Officer Kenneth Boss’ elevation to sergeant nearly 17 years after the divisive Feb. 4, 1999, shooting of the black West African immigrant by four white cops in the Bronx.

“You have so many police officers out there who deserve to be promoted, and this man is being promoted?” a bewildered Kadiatou Diallo asked the Daily News.

“For doing what? Killing my son? I don’t have any hatred or revenge in my heart, but my life was changed forever that day. This is a stab in the heart.”

Boss, who fired five of the shots after Diallo, 22, innocently reached for his wallet in the darkness of his apartment building’s vestibule, will receive his controversial new rank Thursday.]

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