Friday, December 4, 2015

"It’s all of us versus ISIS"

During a recent short sojourn in the hospital, it became my distinct pleasure to have as a roommate a teabagging, gun toting, deport all Muslims, Obama hating el stupido grande.  What he failed to realize about unfettered access to guns and ammunition in the US lies in that radical Muslims can buy weapons and loads of ammunition also, as proved by recent San Bernadino attacks.  Sons a bitches perpetrators had tons of ammo.  Peaceful as I am, still thought it justice 2 of the attackers got shot down in the street like the rabid and murderous dogs they acted like.

And, Chuck, my erstwhile roommate failed or lacked the intellect to realize, most Mulims revile the ilk of those barbaric bastards.  And our American money obsessed media won't make clear remains the fact Isis has killes millions of Muslims over theological differences--witness the recent bombing in Beirut, Lebanon., but, "Apparently Muslims being killed by ISIS doesn’t attract enough ratings for U.S. media outlets to justify “full team” or even quarter-team coverage."

Since terrorists apparently downed a Russian jet, coordinated vicious attacks in Paris, and visited unspeakable horrors on Muslim countries by beheading Shiiites and Christians alike, we ought to have the ability to build a worldwide consensus and force able to kick some terrorst ass, Lord forgive for writing such.  nevertheless, it must look like and become the civilized world fighting cruel oppressors, not have it the Western world versus Islam.

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