Thursday, March 24, 2016

If I were a tree what kind of Trump voter would I be?

This type of free form  associative polling really chaps my ass. What does it add up too, all these bullshit questions.  This kind of  focus group bullshit chaps my ass; who you gonna vote for should focus the fucking group, not "what kind of tree would I be:"

"The veteran pollster who conducted the focus group, Peter D. Hart, has a knack for drawing out voters’ deep thoughts with “What Kind of Tree Would I Be”- type questions and exercises, though the voter who offered “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” as Mr. Trump’s theme song admitted with a laugh and a shrug that she could not quite explain why.  (emphasis added; quotes reordered.
The stupid but high paid pollster gets to voters' feelings in a roundabout way by asking them to write post cards to the candidates:

Cassandra Westerhold, 33, an independent who works in the oil and gas industry, wrote, “I believe that you are a bully and misogynist and I am ashamed to have you as the front-runner for the Republican Party.”
Aron Smith, 45, who works in technology for a large financial institution and supports Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, tried to strike an evenhanded tone. “While I appreciate your business acumen in the boardroom and believe it suits you well as the head of a huge business conglomerate,” he wrote, “I do not believe your crass and cavalier attitude fits the role of president.”
The pollster veers into insanity with these questions where he might accidentally veer into meat of the matter, that our society and especially the media value style over substance, a potentially fatal mistake when giving a man the keys to a vast nuclear arsenal.

[There were deep reservations about Mr. Trump, too. But in their comments — and their answers to probing questions like what song best described him and what they imagined he was like as a fifth grader — some voters suggested that their concerns were less about substance than about style, and that just a little attitude adjustment was all the billionaire needed.]

Attitude adjustment for a man with his finger on the nuclear trigger!  You gotta be freakin' kidding me!

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