Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Donald: Failed Businesman Extrodinaire

Didja hear 'bout Trump's Intenet endeavour?  Probably not.sonce it died stillborn:
[Donald Trump was apparently about to dip his toes into the ISP world back in the summer of 1998, announcing that the newly formed Trump New Media would “wire his 20,000 residential apartments with high speed $30 monthly access.”

And sure, Trump could have gone with something vaguely within his realm of expertise—but why break with tradition? A local announcement at the time wrote that “Trump admits he’s hardly the man to head a new media firm. ‘I’ll tell you what I know about it: Absolutely nothing.’” He partnered with Freelinq Communications to launch the firm, but after getting shut out by his more competent competition, the endeavor failed to ever take off.]emphasis added

What else does he know nothing about?  Politics and compromise.

For me, who'll drink anything with alcohol, I'd like to try Trump Vodka. Make mine a Trump and tonic!

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