Sunday, March 13, 2016

Univeristy of Central Florida Starts Trump Protest Phase

Donald Trump, speaking at my alma mater--The University of Central Florida in Orlando--faced protesters prootesting his campaign of hate mongering, fear, and intimidation for the first time.

Apparently, the idiot galvanized the student body onto using thier first amendment rights to showThe Donaldthey did not approve of his hate speech.  In this case, I'd have to call the protesters the sane ones.  Trumop should have known better to take his crusadeof hate to a college campus because the youngsters in polls show themselves as more progressive than their elders.

From my reading of the news,UCF, provided the first countr protests of Trump's protest campaign:  "Make  America Great Again."  One clever felloweven glued an   anaomically correct dildo to his "Make America Great " cap and called Trump a dickhead.

When  did we stop becoming great?  The US ranks #1 in many categories like military might and economic prowess.  Nevertheless, the angry underbelly of American politics cares naught for facts but subsists on fear.

The middle class fears getting left behin and becoming por.  Poor folks fear goning hungry and not having a roof over their head while the rich fear taxes, while this braggart, this bully, bloviator full of brash braggadocio incites violence.

Video from London Telegraph of Orlando protest:

Trump's very words stir up protests and verbal dissent, and foment violence; he sounds like the schoolyard bully who never got into a actual fight. He says he wants to punch protesters in the face but you can bet he never took a punch.

Screw that; America, I promise to punch him if we ever come together, punch him right in the balls from my wheelchair.  Maybe he'll pay my legal bills.

[They(protests) have become a regular thing at Trump rallies, and while security experts say Trump has every right to quash dissent at events he's paying for, they say the Republican front-runner is playing with fire by not tamping down uncivil behavior and assault.

"I would go so far as to say that I find that abhorrent," security consultant Stan Kephart, a former police chief in Arizona and California, said of Trump's failure to call out his pugnacious followers. "To me, he's pressing the line. He's doing things that you would see a showman do."

What's Trump's attitude about all of this?

He once said he'd like to personally punch a protester in the face, and has pledged to pay his supporters' legal bills if they get in trouble.

He's spoken fondly of the "good old days" when police could rough protesters up without fear of backlash. "But today," he said Wednesday in Fayetteville, "they walk in and they put their hand up and they put the wrong finger in the air ... and they get away with murder. Because we've become weak."] emphais added

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