Sunday, May 17, 2015

JEB! Bush Advised by only Man on Earth Less Qualified than Himself

As God is my witness, sometimes you see stuff on news so catastrophically ironic as to make you spit beer out your nose.

John Ellis Bush--known as JEB! because these patrician Phillips pricks with old $ and US Senator grandfathers want gullible public to believe them men of the people despite helping the Nazis and creating better humans by pseudo science of eugenics, while believing family money and castle type Maine summer compound makes him above questioning from we commoners, the rabble, the hoi polloi--picked the only man on the planet with less knowledge of the world as a foreign policy adviserGeorge W. Bush.

W., the figurehead President, let real President Cheney talk him into a disastrous military misadventure in Iraq, which practically guaranteed the long suppressed Shia majority would align itself with Shia Iran and got hired as foreign policy
The insurgency that ensued after initial combat operation robbed the invasion of success. Today, the United States has less influence in Baghdad than Iran does. Iraq is a Shia-dominated state with an alienated Sunni minority, rampant violence and virtually no control over the Kurdish north. At least 134,000 Iraqis died as a direct result of the American invasion, and the violence there continues. 
Violent Salafists from Syria and elsewhere have swept through the Sunni areas of Iraq, routing the Iraqi army, seizing important cities and declaring an Islamist caliphate. (emphasis added)

As a result of the evil intentions of President Cheney (actually the power behind the puppet W.), the entire Mideast has turned into a chaotic mess, as cataloged by the foreign correspondent of the London Independent, Robert Fisk:
Let me try to get this right. The Saudis are bombing Yemen because they fear the Shia Houthis are working for the Iranians. The Saudis are also bombing Isis in Iraq and the Isis in Syria. So are the United Arab Emirates. The Syrian government is bombing its enemies in Syria and the Iraqi government is also bombing its enemies in Iraq. America, France, Britain, Denmark, Holland, Australia and – believe it or not – Canada are bombing Isis in Syria and Isis in Iraq, partly on behalf of the Iraqi government (for which read Shia militias) but absolutely not on behalf of the Syrian government. 
The Jordanians and Saudis and Bahrainis are also bombing Isis in Syria and Iraq because they don’t like them, but the Jordanians are bombing Isis even more than the Saudis after their pilot-prisoner was burned to death in a cage. The Egyptians are bombing parts of Libya because a group of Christian Egyptians had their heads chopped off by what might – notionally – be the same so-called Islamic State, as Isis refers to itself. The Iranians have acknowledged bombing Isis in Iraq – of which the Americans (but not the Iraqi government) take a rather dim view. And of course the Israelis have several times bombed Syrian government forces in Syria but not Isis (an interesting choice, we’d all agree). Chocks away!

It amazes me that all these warriors of the air don’t regularly crash into each other as they go on bombing and bombing. (emphasis added)
Meanwhile back in America, John Ellis Bush has changed his answer on the last Iraq war 4 days in a row, finally aligning himself with the prevailing winds of public opinion.  Nevertheless, he still manages to pack 2 lies into 1 sentence, as analyzed by Michael Tomasky, chief among them that following false intelligence led to war with Iraq.

The painful truth remains the neoconservative Republican chickenhawks had a fixation on oil in Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein.  Johnny Bush has many of the very same ideologues who cooked up false intelligence as his advisers, those who ignored solid reports that Hussein had no nuclear weapons, those that dreamed up Weapons of Mass Destruction like advertising copy to sell the war to American people, to make us forget those who would bear the true costs of war: US troops killed, maimed, in wheelchairs, and missing limbs, and last but not least over 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians.

He couldn't even answer question of a Young Democrat college student on whether he supported the decision to go to war over non-existent nuclear weapons in Iraq, a decision that led to death of 4809 United States troops over a lie, over a damnable lie.  Then as a Republican cickenhawk piece o' crap, Johnny! modifed over 4 days his stand on the central foreign policy issue of our time, his brother's failed war, finally falling back on the metaphor of last resort, respect for our troops.
Then he tried to walk it back. He “interpreted the question wrong,” and isn’t interested in engaging “hypotheticals.” Anyway, “going back in time”is a “disservice” to those who   Who served in the war.
Take a moment to savor the cowardice and vileness of that last remark. And, no, that’s not hyperbole. Mr. Bush is trying to hide behind the troops, pretending that any criticism of political leaders — especially, of course, his brother, the commander in chief — is an attack on the courage and patriotism of those who paid the price for their superiors’ mistakes.  (Emphasis added to highlight hypocrisy of JEB!)
John Ellis' list of advisers looks like recycling the same colossal failures from previous Bush administrations.  One just awaits the eventual hiring of the "dumbest fuckng guy on the planet." Douglas J. Feith.

Who one hires indicates how one will govern.

Why should we, the Ameican people, subject ourselves to another Bush administration?

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