Thursday, May 14, 2015

Support a Central Florida Person

For the life of me, simply fail to fathom why otherwise reasonable people choose to go into a "game" where they will face near starvation, broiling heat, and betrayal and calumny from all sides.

Also fail to get why I occasionally watch, watching middle class folk face food insecurity, getting to feel hunger pains many children (20%, 1 out of every 5 children) feel when schools closed and they have no access to subsidized food.

Watching makes me feel guilty, especially as weasel in chief, Jeff Probst, presides over ever more cruel "challenges" like a modern day Caligula.  How far can reality teevee shows go before someone dies, captured in colour of course by gopro cameras, Naked and Afraid indeed: producer surviving a snake bite,and last but most gross a maggot infested buttcrack.  And on the must look at wrecks on the highway principle, "Maggot Ass" Jeff gives us the inside poop on the Madagascar episode.

God help me, feel like a horrible person for ever watching the show.  That puts me on the same moral plane as bloodthirsty Romans in the Coliseum watching Christians get torn to shreds.  We dress up these bloodthirsty urges by calling them reality TV or American football, the latter certainly cut from same cloth as watching gladiators slay each other, if not actually a more honest endeavour than our own form of modern atavistic spectacles.

Nevertheless to my credit, managed to go 15 years without ever watching American Idol.  Once, even crawled across broken glass on floor of my apartment to get to teevee remote to switch channels before the show came on; lost lots of blood but kept my streak intact.  Thank teevee gods it has gotten cancelled with but a swan song to go.

So why a fellow University of  West Bithlo graduate wants to go back on Survivor escapes me, but am going to vote for Monica Padilla; plus, this gives me chance to post first blog bikini pic.

Remember, vote now, vote often, and women folk, y'all can choose your favorite male returnee to Survivor.

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