Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marco Rubio: The dog ate my homework

Look, these toads and trolls keep flubbing an easy question.  Should the United States have spent trillions of dollars and shed the blood of our young men and women over lies cooked up like rhetorical metheamphetimine by neo-conservative idiots?

The question seems practically inevitable; everyone on Earth new it would come except for the Republican'ts running for President.

Actually watching  Marco Rubio flounder and flail while trying to answer this question gives hours of enjoyment, fun for the whole family.

Every sentient being deems the war a catastrophic failure, except for a handful of dead end neocons, W., President Cheney, and Ron Roby.  Facts won't change their mind; so watch and enjoy Mr Still Wet Behind the Ears Rubio go down in flames.

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