Wednesday, May 13, 2015

George Clooney Makes a Real Movie?

Trailer for this movie, Tomorrowland looks really cool.  Sure, Gravity with Clooney won several Academy Awards, including Cinematography and Directing but Clooney's part kind of penciled in as One Who Makes Heroic Sacrifice So Lead Lives.  Really, the part gave him no room to really act.

While movie trailers designed to pique one's interest, nevertheless perhaps it shows Mr. Amal Clooney gets to show some acting chops in this movie by showing a panoply of emotions: some heroic, some humourous, even as action hero.

Honestly just joyful trailer shows He Who Never Ages with gray hair at his temples.  Made me feel better 'bout my decrepit self.

Time humbles all if you live through your youth.

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