Monday, October 19, 2015

Okaloosa County, Florida, Conducts a Prayer Meeting at School Board Meeting--Anarchy Ensues

This explains the difficulty in establishing religion in schools or at county commission meetings or other government entities.  Which religion ought we officially use?

Presumably, most people mean some form of Christianity, and they usually mean the more fundamental versions.  Some of those brands hate Catholicism and the Pope.  My Missouri Lutheran Synod tends towards more conservative end of the spectrum but by no means gets as whacked out as some of the Bible thumpers speaking in this clip.

For the Lord's sake, can't we all just take a deep breathe and consider consequences of our actions?  I actually favor prayer before meeting but if we allow one religion to perform the prayers, then we have to allow by law allow all religions to speak, even Satanists.  While supporting the Constitutional right of people to worship as they wish, nevertheless we ought to leave prayer out of public institutions.

Watch Inherit the Wind and see what I mean:

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