Thursday, October 22, 2015

Russian Pilots Don;t Fear the Reaper (MQ-9 version)

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Video purports to show a Russian pilot fly, in increasingly crowded Syrian airspace, underneath a US Reaper drone.

[That’s an MQ-9 Reaper drone, of the kind commonly used by the United States in targeted killing campaigns. The video, uploaded to YouTube by the Russian Defense Ministry today, was filmed from the inside of a Russian jet cockpit, and you can see the pilot in the cockpit’s reflection. The video is captioned simply and in English: “The presence of aerial vehicles in the air space of Syria has increased.”]

Any time military jets from different countries with opposing aims fly over a country, as over Syria now, possibilities of bloodshed loom.  With my food old US of A flying the bulk of the Missions, I worry 'bout out blokes, especially since US plans to move to a F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a plane with obvious, substantial flaws like lacking software to fire the damn cannon on the plane.

Can't fire the Damn Cannon!

Sure, stuff happens when you design new jet fighters, as you hear from a former test pilot relating a total cluster fuck of trying to fly a new plane with extra fuel off a too short runway.  This amounts to more than just old fighter pilot's stories; these planes also protect the US and by extension your ass and mine.  Don't know 'bout y'all but I sort of want to keep my ass intact.

We all can do the research and write our congress critters informed letters asking for better planning and decision making.

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