Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Count Yourself Lucky If You Have Clean Water; World Water Day

22 March World Water Day

Million across the globe lack clean, potable water for drinking, not just in natural disaster zones but daily sufferings of economic disaster zones.

Crap, some villages don't have a single toilet.

How rare in the 21st century United States for a person to actually use an outhouse as fell to my fortune in rural NC in the 60's.  Thankfully, kin folk had upgraded to toilet paper rather than tear pages out of Sears catalogs to perform the same ablutions.

Sadly, much of the so-called modern world remains in such a state.  Not to write to demean such, but the world has technology and with better investment of $ and time, we--individually but through collective action--can make our world a better place one tiny village at a time.

Good luck and God bless.

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