Friday, March 25, 2011

"Fukushima Fifty," Modern Samurai

Surely, the Wall Street Journal wrote in jest

Contract workers making $110 a day sacrificed their lives to try to reign in the nuclear disaster in Japan for though walking and working still, they will die from radiation sickness after the exposure to toxic particles at the site.

Guess health insurance and death benefits for union workers would have cost Tokyo Electric too much.

Corporate bastards.

[According to the Wall Street Journal,the anonymous workers -- which include employees of Tokyo Electric Power and other contract workers earning 9,000 yen ($110) a day -- have been exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation inside the stricken plant.

Known as the "Fukushima Fifty," the brave band of lower and mid-level managers must wear protective bodysuits to protect their skin from the poisonous radioactive particles that fill the air around them.]
with pictures:

Reactor Breach.

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CrisisMaven said...

Your readers might also be interested in how to treat their radioactively contaminated drinking water:
Maybe someone wants to help with Japanese and other languages?