Monday, March 28, 2011

""Once they torpedoed the economy, they blackmail us -the victims of their thievery"

What Alicia Morgan wrote.

[Once they torpedoed the economy, they blackmail us - the victims of their thievery - into giving them our tax dollars to bail them out, which then - again - they hold onto instead of helping out those they stole from. Now that they've taken our jobs, our homes, our pensions and our health care, our tax revenue base has dwindled away to nothing. So - since we have no federal dollars left in the tax base, the money that would have otherwise gone to the states for education, etc. is no longer available.
SO - now they start howling about the states' fiscal irresponsibility, since they are mandated to balance their budgets, unlike the federal government. Now, the shortfall must be made up by cutting education and gutting public employees and their unions - and collective bargaining - all those things that they hate with a passion, trying to make THEM look like the bad guys and profligate spenders! They are trying to steal the pensions of the public employees - who PAID INTO their pension plan years in advance, having had it taken out of their paychecks in lieu of collecting Social Security.
And now, we get to the end-game - time to cut public education; 'starve the beast', as Grover Norquist would say. When you de-fund public education, and eliminate all its resources, it's the easiest thing in the world to say, "See - public education doesn't work! Look how bad the schools are!"]

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