Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Daily Episode of as the LeBron Turns

Pat Riley, ruthless thug, met yesterday in Las Vegas w/ Lebron James and Dewayne Wade and....

It doesn't matter because the three have failed to analyze their recent ignominious loss and draw the obvious conclusion: even 3 superstars need role players to play well. Even Dauphin A'bron James can't carry a team on his own forever, or at least 4 finals in a row.

Latest reports have Chris "can't block out" Bosh soliciting offers from the Houston Rockets for at or near max salary. That makes me chortle with glee as man not worth a Happy Meal. He should never get a max contract. Heat beat Pacers in part because latter the softest 7 footer alive Roy Hibbert. In the dictionary definitions of soft and softer, you'll see pictures of Bosh and Hibbert.

Great Naismith's ghost, how can Bosh keep finding crack smoking general managers to over pay him?

Even more amusing? That Cleveland has traded away their entire roster and every asset the dump has: city hall, polluted Lake Erie, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, plus the nouveau riche owner will grovel on his knees and seek forgiveness for his online rant when LeLoser left Cleveland.

Screw the Heat; I'm an Orlando Magic fan.

On that front, we either have Magic headed by design for a 60 loss season and more balls in the hopper attempting to get top pick next year or have assembled a young, scrappy team who all hate to lose and have athletic talent.

They'll lose a lot but play hard. I'll settle for that.

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